We had the pleasure of seeing Paul lecture at our club last night, and so I thought this would be a good opportunity to post a review of his latest packet trick – Jeepers Creepers. In fact, though it has only just been released, it was created about 10 years ago.

On the grounds that a picture speaks a thousand words, you may like to watch Paul performing it on YouTube.

It’s a straightforward and direct effect – a packet of identical cards turn into a Royal Flush with rainbow backs. As John Bannon would say, it’s ‘Fractal’ i.e. it ends clean and examinable. It’s not a hard trick to perform – in fact if you’ve been in magic any length of time you will probably be able to work out the handling from the video – but it is worth purchasing to get the necessary selection of cards.

Paul supplies all the necessary cards in a variety of USPCC stock. Mine included a nice Erdnase green back, a Karnival Midnight, a pink Bike, and an attractive limited edition Bike. Yours might be different. They come in a neat plastic wallet, and there is a folded A4 page of instructions.

As with all Paul’s productions, this is clearly printed and explained. The only necessary ‘move’ is explained – and you probably already know it. I’m glad he didn’t bother with a DVD (as so many others seem to). It isn’t necessary (you can always watch the YouTube clip if you’re really struggling) and would only add to the cost.

I think this is an excellent addition to his range of packet tricks. It is £18 including worldwide p&p direct from Paul Gordon.

Special Offer
He’s also doing a launch offer in conjunction with another new effect – COPWAK (a pocket-free variation on one of my favourites – Corner of Picadilly) – see video below. This normally retails at £13, but until 20th March he will do you them both for £23. Simply send £23 (British Pounds) to PayPal using [email protected] Mention this offer in the “special instructions” box on PayPal as you come to it. Please mention Bicycle-Cards.co.uk too!

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