We’re going to start an occasional series on magic retailers with real shops you can visit. Ever since I was a child I have enjoyed visiting magic shops, and I am keen to support what appear to be a dying breed as internet only dealers pop up all over the place. Over the years I have visited shops all over the country, and I am going to make it a habit whenever I vist one to jot down a few impressions to encourage you to make the effort.

[And if you don’t want to read all about the shop, then do jump to the bottom to read about a bargain they are currently offering!]

So first stop is Merlins of Wakefield, which unsurprisingly can be found in Wakefield (West Yorkshire).

Merlins of Wakefield

Like many magic shops these days, you have to pass through a small section of party/fancy dress items first. But don’t let that put you off – there is a world of magic waiting beyond.

Phil or Mark will give you a warm welcome and I have been offered a cup of tea on both my visits. They have a wide variety of magic of all kinds – stocking all the more common suppliers as well as having a large range of Tora Magic and Outlaw Effects – neither of which are widely stocked in the UK.

Readers of this site will be pleased to know they have a good range of the standard Bicycle cards and gaff decks, and produce a number of their own exclusive effects in Bicycle stock as well (we will be reviewing one of those shortly…).

Merlins of Wakefield

I don’t want to keep using the phrase “aladdin’s cave” in these shop reviews – because to some extent it will always be true. But Merlins certainly have plenty to keep you browsing, and Phil or Mark will usually be pleased to demonstrate things, or to give you advice. They are both knowledgeable magicians and are worth listening to.

So definitely worth popping in if you are in the area – we must keep supporting our local magic shops.

And I mentioned a bargain.

In addition to their usual weekly web feature – which is a special reduction on a different item each Friday (see Friday Special on the Merlins site) – they have a special offer for May. They are offering bundles of 5 DVDs worth over £90 for the magical price of just £30. The bundles are mixed, so you might want to ring up or pop in if you have a specific requirement. Otherwise take pot luck and see what you get…

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