The summer is rolling on, so it must be time for some more recommendations from

Postcards (RED Back Bicycled, Gimmick and DVD) by Hernan Macagno and Tango Magic - DVDHere’s a visually amazing way of opening your close-up set – producing a whole deck of Bicycle cards from a flat packed box in an envelope. Take a look at the video demo of Postcards and see how effective it is. £46.99. (Also available in Blue deck version)

Open Prediction Project by Thomas Baxter - Book

Regular readers will know I am a bit of a book lover, and also have fondness for mental magic. So you can imagine that I got very excited when I saw this lovely Open Prediction Project book advertised. 51 (why not 52?!) solutions to Paul Curry’s original challenge – rocking in at just under 300 pages this will make some good holiday reading! £34.99

The Magic of David Corsaro - DVD

We had never heard of David Corsaro before, but this DVD is getting some good reviews. Practical walkaround magic. £24.50

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