Looking for some great magic to distract you over the summer? Here are some more recommendations from Bicycle-Cards.co.uk

Uncanny by Mark Elsdon - TrickMark Elsdon is undoubtedly a clever man with a great knack for creating effective mental magic. On a previous occasion we reviewed the excellent On the Mark so this month we will highlight his effect Uncanny. We haven’t looked at it in person, but the video I saw looked very clean. A freely chosen card and number are permanently printed on a prediction in full view all the time. Great mental magic with Bicycle Cards. £20.99.
Trickery Double DVD - Dave ForrestThis double DVD by David Forrest – The Trickery – is not new. However we flag it up because it is currently on special offer. Dave’s magic is direct and often very visual, and there is something for every one on this double DVD. Amazing value at only £12.50


I hope you will forgive us for veering slightly off our playing card heart-land here. But I assume that most of the magicians reading this site are interested in close up magic generally and not just cards! In my experience table-hopping you do sometimes get asked for something that doesn’t involve cards, and you could do worse than considering this clever coin trick – Pressure – which has been featured by the magician of the moment, Dynamo. Quite simply two coins fuse together in a very clean way. On pre-order with more due in August – and they sell out very quickly! £24.99.

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