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Stand Up Monte (DVD and Gimmick) by Garrett Thomas and Kozmomagic - DVDThere are many monte effects out there, but Garrett Thomas’ new Stand Up Monte seems to have been getting some rave reviews as a really practical walkaround version of the classic effect. The DVD edition rocks in at £24.99 – but if you’re like me and are quite happy with printed instructions you can get it for only £12.50.

GT Speedreader Deck - Mandolin Back

A good marked deck is a valuable tool in the magician’s armoury Here’s a clever twist using a Ted Lesley concept to provide a spectator-safe speed reader deck. This is in the new Mandolin back design. £17.99

Dai Vernon: A Biography by David Ben - Book

If you’ve been in to close up magic and especially card magic for any time, you will be familiar with the name of Dai Vernon. Here is a wonderful brand new complete biography of one of magic’s biggest legends. A great read for all lovers of the art. £28.50.

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