Stick-It!Stick-It is another new trick from MagicTao. The basic effect is simple to describe – a spectator merely thinks of any card, and when that card is removed from the deck it has a sticker on the back of it, clearly showing you predicted this in advance. And everything (essentially) can be examined. Variations are possible – for example a very clever 2 person version where the sticker on the back of the freely thought of card says the name of the second person’s card.

What’s the verdict?
We really like the effect and think it is very strong. Depending on which version you perform (at least 3 different versions are on the DVD) you will need some basic sleght of hand – but nothing too difficult. Everything is explained very clearly on the DVD supplied. It is one of those methods which is exceedingly ingenious – and you will love performing it. So what are our reservations?

Depending on your performance context this may have some limitations. One of the versions requires a table, though a different version could be performed in the hands. Re-set is straightforward, but you would probably want to be on your own to do it. And though you could use the deck for other effects, in practise there would be a few limitations on you, depending on which version you performed and at what point in your set you performed it (difficult to say more without exposure). Finally, the stickers themselves are not re-usable – so if you are performing this regularly you will certainly need to buy refills. These are available at £17.99 for 50. Oh yes, and you’ll need to do a small amount of ‘craft’ for the initial set up. It’s not too tricky, but I wonder, at this price point whether that could have been supplied already done.

So it boils down to whether you think the strength of having a sticker on the back of the card (which would certainly make a good giveaway) is more powerful to a layperson than the effect you can achieve with an invisible deck – which in terms of effect is essentially the same to a layperson – freely thought of card reversed in deck (hence known in advance). With an ID, you get more or less instant re-set, and no re-fills – though of course the deck couldn’t be examined as it could here.

So as ever, you pays your money and you takes your choice, but we think this is a clean and powerful effect. Available now at MagicTao – for £21.99.

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