Noted, by Gary Jones, is the third of MagicTao’s latest clutch of magic releases.

Noted - by Gary JonesHere’s the effect. The magician is holding a small spiral bound notepad – the kind a waiter might take your order on. It visually changes into a pack of Bicycle cards with which you can go straight in to your favourite routine.

This is going to be a pretty quick review because there’s not much to say! It does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a simple gimmick (which is always a good start) and very easy to use.

The DVD contains a short performance section and a careful explanation of all the necessary, including an idea or two to get your imagination running with other performance options.

You could perform this in a variety of situations, and reset is very simple. It would suit any kind of walkaround performance very well. A nice, quick, visual opener. Great fun. And only £10.99 direct from MagicTao.

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