Sorry – January was a bit of a quiet month on but we’ve got lots in store for February – starting as usual with Trick(s) of the month!

MIX by Limin - DVDThis one is brand new and though we haven’t seen it in person yet, the video looks amazing! Do watch it! Two cards penetrate one another in full view. Did I mention it looks amazing? MIX includes four other effects for your magical pleasure. And apparently not too hard to do either… £23.99


Dai Vernon&#39s Revelations - 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Box Set by L&L Publishing - DVDOK, so not many of you are going to rush out and get this, but if you love your card magic, then this set will be a Revelation! Dai ‘The Professor’ Vernon is a legend to card magicians. 30 years after the amazing Revelations video set was released, it has been remastered on to DVD with loads of extra footage and material. This would keep you going all year. £156.99

Twisted Sisters 2.0 (DVD and Gimmick) by John Bannon - TrickOur finall recommendation this month isn’t new, but it is reloaded! Twisted Sisters is John Bannon’s all time classic effect, and it has been re-released in Bicycle Mandolin stock, and with newly shot DVD instructions and additional material. If you’ve never done this before then get it. And even if you have, you might get some new ideas here… Only £10.99

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