Flash - by Chris WebbThis one’s been sitting in our review pile for a while now, so we thought it was about time to run it through its paces.

Flash is a very visual bill change effect. Do we need another bill change I hear you cry? A good question which I’m not going to answer…

The distinctives of ‘Flash’ are that it is a single sheet/note change (that is not a wadge of bills as in the case in some of these types of effect) and that there is no folding of the note to produce the change – it is sudden, instantaneous and visual.

There’s a simple gimmick to make (well explained on DVD) and you are provided with a version made up with a lottery ticket to get you started. The routine includes a useful clean-up phase which would allow you to hand the bill out at the end.

There’s not much more to say, except there is an excellent little bonus routine called ‘Tic Tac Toe’ involving a penny and a tic tac box. In many ways I prefer this to the actual note routine. But that is just a style choice.

Easy to do, visual and inexpensive. Only £14.99 from MagicTao.

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