The Bumblebees (DVD and Cards) by Woody AragonThe summer is upon us so think of all the extra time you’ll have to learn some new magic tricks…
Our first suggestion, The Bumblebees has a vague summer connection, and we like the musical links too. Woody Aragon is a clever Spanish magician and this is one of the routines which helped him win first prize at the International Day of Magic last year. A card routine with a difference featuring bumblebees and a surprise ending… £29.99

Cards are always our homeground here at – and here is a stylish new deck produced by the USPCC. The Criss Angel connection will put some off, but the Baroque Deck looks good and promises to handle well. £6.99

Baroque Deck - Grey EditionBlinking Effect by Jean-Luc Bertrand - DVD

This DVD seems to be causing a lot of interest in the magic world. The Blinking Effect is a DVD from Jean-Luc Bertrand with a whole close up routine on it. The reviews are praising its high production values and the thinking which goes into it. We’ve not seen it ourselves yet, but it certainly sounds interesting. £33.99

Performing Magic by Tony Middleton - Book
And a BONUS recommendation since it is summer! I love to take a good book away with me when I go on holiday, and this year I will be taking Performing Magic by Tony Middleton. This is not a book of tricks, but a study of how to perform it in the real world. I’ve already started having a sneak peak and it looks very good. You will need to invest some effort into working through this, but if you are serious about improving your performance it will be worth the time and the money. £67.50

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