So, I love you so much that I have broken in to my holiday to post a brief review of the much anticipated Karnival Inferno Deck from BBM. Such is the wonder of the world wide web.

That, and Owen “Goatee Wizard” Packard of BBM waved his magic wand and managed to get a deck to me on holiday in the sunny South Coast, to look at before their official release date of 24th August. The skulls and hiroglyphics were a bit of a surprise for someone else of more delicate sensibilities living at the same address and having the same first name as me who happened to open the parcel which contained them. But enough of that. What about the cards?

Once I had managed to prize off the cellophane (why do USPCC make it so difficult?) I was able to appreciate Sam Hayles’ artwork in all its glory. A nice feature on this tuckcase is the image of the side view of a warn deck of cards on the side of the case.

Having broken the seal (see comments on cellophane), the overwhelming impression was of a fiery red colour – for this is the colour of the border and the majority of the back of the advertising card. This is classic Hoyles – intricate detail, blood and skulls, but this time including leaves, solar iconography and stars and Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The Jokers feature winged devils rising out of a pit of flames, and the aces have skulls nestling in their central pip. A fiery explosion is prominent in the centre of the card faces (Inferno – get it?!), and the court cards are aided by triedents.

In addition to the advertising card, there is an extra blank-faced card which will be useful for magicians, and the quality USPCC finish ensures they handle beautifully. I don’t have my other recent decks to hand, but they feel less flimsy than my memory of some recent decks (e.g. the Dead Eyes – but I am working from muscle memory here which could be deceptive).

All the usual caveats apply – the design won’t be for everyone, but if this is your kind of thing you will love the details and the handling. The Infernos would certainly add colour and drama to a certain kind of effect.

You can get them direct from BBM at £4.99
or if you are ordering other stuff too from the usual suspects e.g.
Magic Nevin – £5.49
FreePostMagic – not yet priced (but they have a price match!)

(apologies for stock images – haven’t yet worked out how to upload images from an ipad…)

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