If you’ve been interested in good quality card magic with an ordinary deck for any length of time, you’ll almost certainly have come across the name Paul Gordon.  His new book, Gold Dust, should be available tomorrow.  In his own words:

150 of Paul Gordon’s Best Ever Tricks – 350 Jam-Packed Pages – 150 New Photos
Additions, Changes, New Descriptions, Updates, New Tricks
Gold Foil-Embossed Cloth Cover – Stitched Hardback – Stunning Production”

Early photos on Paul’s Facebook page certainly suggest that it is a handsome looking thing, and I’m sure the content will be equally good.  Paul writes well and has a knack for producing some strong and commercial magic.

You can see our review of Paul’s Jeepers Creepers and Card Startlers by following these links.

Head on over to Paul Gordon’s shop tomorrow!

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