Green Karnival AssasinsWe thought it was about time to share a few thoughts about these latest beauties from BBM.

The green really works on the Assasins.  My particular favourite is the whispy smoke on the Jokers which looks extra cool in shades of Green.  To all intents and purposes this is the same as the original Assassin deck which was always a very cool deck.

The handling is superb – they just glide about in your hands, but don’t feel flimsy.  The extra cards are useful – a matching blank card is one of the most useful extras you can get, and the prediction card is a nice touch – just a shame that it has advertising on the back rather than the regular back design.

Bicycle Karnival Assasins GreenThe faces are standard Bicycle faces with the exception of the elabourate Ace of Sapdes.  And the back design is a super subtle one-way.  Which as I’ve said many times before, is an underrated feature to my mind.

What can we say about the Renegades?  Well purple is one of my favourite colours so this was always going to be a good start – and whilst there are quite a few green-based cards out there I can only think of a couple of purple-based designs (the slightly ugly inverse purple cards from MagicMakers and the rather more elegant Second Edition Artifice Cards from Ellusionist).Bicycle Karnival Renegades Purple

Pretty much all that was true of the Assasins is true of the Renegades – they handle really nicely and come with a good few extra cards and reveals.  If you liked the originals (and many did) then you will love these.

Karnival Renegades Faces
Green Karnival Assasins and Purple Karnival Renegades available now direct from BBM at £4.99 (with quantity discounts available).

And don’t forget – we have four of these decks up for grabs in our competition – you have until May 4th to enter.  What are you waiting for?

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