john bannon high caliberAutumn is here and so is our latest selection of things that have caught our eye, and also some ideas for your Halloween magic.

Regular readers will no that I make no secret of being a John Bannon fan. So I was delighted to see the publication of High Caliber which is something of a retrospective on his awesome card magic. His routines are marked by an elegance and simplicity which I have rarely seen matched – and he also writes really well. If you don’t yet have a Bannon book in your collection, now’s the time to start… £44.99

bicycle haunted deckIf you want some spooky cards for your Halloween magic you would do well to look at the Bicycle Haunted deck. A nicely produced and suitably spooky deck – and a limited edition (so collectable) too! Well worth clicking through to see some more images of this stylish deck. £9.99 (Or you might consider the more conventional Skull Deck for £5.50)

And if you want the latest and greatest take on the classic Haunted Deck effect – look no further than Peter Eggink’s Haunted 2.0 – check out the video for a super visual version of this effect.

sharpie through cardOn a recent visit to a magic shop someone demonstrated this to my nephew and he was amazed. The beautifully made card does most of the work for you and it is visually very impressive. Sharpie through card does EXACTLY what it says on the tin! £18.99

More suggestions coming your way next month…

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