david regal clarity boxThe nights are drawing in, so why not pull up a comfy chair, get yourself a drink and settle down to learn some new amazing magic?

In case you’ve missed this, Clarity Box is one of the most outstandingly visual endings to a card routine you could imagine. The spectator’s signed card is dumped out of a clear acrylic box where it has been sitting in full view all evening. It really does look that fair. You’ll obviously need to be able to do something like a Mercury Card Fold to take advantage of this but it is worth learning that just to use it! £59.99

Global Titans Gold deck

After what seems like an age of gothic and dark playing card designs, I’ve been delighted to see some more elegant and refined designs recently. These Global Titans (available in Gold or White) certainly fit that bill with style in spades. Only £4.49. You may also be interested in the decidedly floral Blue Tune Deck from Aloy Magic. Again an understated design with much to commend it. £8.99

robert neale the magic of celebrating illusion

Now this isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but I am an ENORMOUS fan of the work of Robert Neale. I own almost every book he has published on magic, and think he is a profound thinker who has contributed much to our art. So I expect The Magic of Celebrating Illusion to be a book worth savouring and in which you will find some deep thinking as well as some really engaging effects. £20.99

More suggestions coming your way next month…

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