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Joker Magic in Budapest

joker magic shop hungary

joker magic shop hungaryAs part of my ‘other’ job, I was on a visit to Romania and Hungary last week. As I was spending some time in Budapest with a friend with an interest in magic, I thought it was vital we look up the local magic shop which is exactly what we did…joker magic shop budapest

I was particularly interested to visit Joker Magic since they are a manufacturer as well as a dealer.  Perhaps the most well known of their effects here in the UK is Cell Out (a very visual pack of cards to mobile phone trick).

The shop was light and airy and they had a good range of magic available.  With my UK eyes on, some of the prices on Bicycle Cards felt quite high, but they had some good deals on some of their own items.  The bag is evidence that I made a purchase (!) and I am very pleased with the quality of the work on this product.

As is so often the case with the magic community, it was great to meet a very friendly magician from Vienna who invited us to the local club that evening.  Sadly, I was flying back very soon afterwards and so was unable to attend.

But well worth a visit to the shop if you are ever passing – and first impressions of the quality of their Joker Magic range are very positive.


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