travelling deck 2.0 reviewWe had a look at the original Travelling Deck way back in 2010 and liked it. Since then it has had the Dynamo seal of approval – having been used on one of his TV shows – so what’s new about version 2?

Essentially you get an extra gimmick – which enables you not just to make the deck of cards vanish (like version 1) but also the card case. It is a logical development (rather than a radical new idea) – but a useful one for sure, which increases your possibilities enormously.

Like the original DVD this one features a range of different routines using the gimmick. There are some strong effects here – and for my money it is much stronger for the vanish to be part of a routine rather than a one off effect. It can give you cover in the ‘get ready’ and makes the vanish even more impressive if the spectator has already handled the cards a little. I may be in a minority of one here because Costas insists that he uses it as a standalone effect.

In terms of pure ‘logic’ I like the sandwich type ideas best – because then there is a rationale for a card (or in this case several) being left behind. Maybe I am over-thinking this – but if you can vanish a deck of cards, why would you leave one behind?! All this being said – Chris Webb has a very clever solution for a complete vanish which you could use in certain circumstances.

The DVD teaches a number of different vanishes and also has sections on repairing the gimmick or changing the face/back if you want to use a specific value or back design. And you get some special stuff for you to make up a second gimmick if you need/want to – though the gimmick should last a reasonable amount of time.

Chris Webb does most of the explanation and is very clear without being patronising. He has lots of extra ideas and Costas adds his own tips as someone who has clearly used the effect lots. If you’ve already got version 1, I’m not certain you would make the upgrade (unless you really wanted the box vanish). But on the other hand it’s not a large investment and would provide you with some more ideas and a new gimmick.

Well worth a look.

Available direct from Merchant of Magic – £17.99 [with thanks to MagicTao who kindly supplied a review copy of the Travelling Deck 2.0]

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