juan-tamariz-the-magic-wayWelcome to the sizzling summer edition of Trick of the Month. Read on for some great new and not so new ideas…

If you’re going on holiday, you really should take some reading matter with you, and our first recommendation is this new reprint of the long admired book by Juan Tamariz – The Magic Way This new edition has been revised and updated and is full of some brilliant magic, and some deep wisdom on the performance of magic. £30.99
If you like thinking about the impact of your magic on spectators, then 793.8 by Jeff Stone is also worth a look (and is on my wishlist!).

pagan deck from uusi

We haven’t highlighted any new decks for a while, but here’s one that caught our eye. The Pagan Deck is now available in the UK – we love the elegant borderless back design, beautifully illustrated court cards and luxurious tuck case. Great for collectors or performers £15.49

Kreis Magic cointum tunnelling

We’re a fan of all kinds of close up magic here at bicycle-cards.co.uk and this new effect from Kreis Magic looks incredibly visual (well worth watching the video). In Cointum Tunneling, you remove a coin from a see-through container, replace the lid on it, and then visually ‘hit’ it through the container – and the spectator can remove the coin themselves. If you can get over the terrible pun in the name this could be worth a look. £22.50

And finally – if you would like to be able to do an easy and visual torn and restored card, you may be interested to know that Chris Webb’s RE is currently available at slight less than HALF PRICE – only £12. This version uses a gimmick so reduces the amount of sleight of hand.

That’s all for now. We’ve got reviews of two great new decks of cards coming up and OUR BIGGEST EVER COMPETITION with some AMAZING prizes… So keep checking back.

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