sponge cube to dinosaurHere’s our second post with ideas on the subject of performing close up magic for children (see first post here – for why we think this is useful).

The trick I use most with smaller children is the sponge egg to dinosaur/dragon. It’s easy to do, takes up little space, is very visual – and the kids love the cute dragon/dinosaur. And dinosaurs and dragons are ALWAYS on trend. If you wanted to go a stage further, why not do a sponge ball to cube first, then swap cubes ready for a further transformation? Great value at £14.99.

close up magic for kids mini colouring book
The colouring book is another classic children’s effect, and now, wonderfully, a pocket sized version is available so there’s no excuse not to carry it around everywhere! This is a very inexpensive purchase for those occasions when it might just come in handy – at only £3.49.

Do you have effects you keep on stand by in case you meet any children on your walkabout magic gig?  Why not share your ideas in comments below – we might even include the best in future articles.

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