I’ve been spending some time this week getting together some material – old and new – for a gig at the weekend. I always enjoy rummaging through the boxes and boxes of material which has been bought but not properly learnt or used. And I was reminded tonight of some blasts from the past.

phantom saleThe first is Peter Duffie’s Phantom of the Wallet – which is a really nice no palm (signed) card to wallet which requires only basic card handling skills. I was reminded about it in an email from Martin Breese International – who produce the effect – offering it at a reduce price this week. Only £10! To be honest, even the special wallet (which is nicely made in leather) which you receive is worth that – and would lend itself to a variety of other routines. Grab a bargain whilst they’re available.

On the subject of bargains, MagicNevin are offering Blue Backed Bicycle Cards for only £1.49 this week – which is an excellent price – and UK postage is free on orders over £10.

Let us know if you spot any bargains, or re-discover any classic routines.

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