lynx wallet reviewFebruary’s only a short month, but we’re going to try to make up for a slightly sparse January by posting a bit more. And there are some great new cards and tricks to look out for.

Do we need any more magic wallets? Probably not, but we all love them don’t we? In fact my local magic club is having an evening devoted to magic with wallets this month! The thing that caught my eye on the Lynx Wallet is that it was inspired by an effect (which is no longer in production) that I love – Bang On (by Marc Oberon). I am not familiar with the manufacturer but will try to get in touch to see if we can review some of their stuff. But this certainly sounds clean. £88.50. [Update – read our review here]

jokers love magic trick

February, is, of course, the month of love.  So we always like to include at least one recommendation on that theme.  Joker’s Love isn’t new but is a whimsical little packet trick which fits this category well.  To a charming story about 3 male jokers vying for the affection of a female joker there are lots of visual changes to the designs of the cards to tell the story of true love.  £24.99

mark elsdon at the table live
I don’t know whether you’ve had a chance to catch any of the ‘At The Table’ series of lectures which launched last year. All the ones I have watched have been excellent, and I am currently working through this Mark Elsdon DVD. The lecture is called Creating Magic, and what I love about it is that as well as teaching you some great tricks he also talks about the creative process and how he came up with the ideas – which should stimulate your own creativity – perhaps you might even come up with some effects of your own? Well worth the modest investment. £8.50

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to check back for the latest news, reviews and Bicycle cards! If you have ideas for features you’d like to see, why not comment below or use our Facebook page to keep in touch?

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