have been some insanely visual magic tricks hitting the market recently, as well as some old classics given a new lease of life due to their performance on national TV.

Let’s start with Card-Toon!  If you didn’t see Jamie Raven’s incredible performance of this effect on Britain’s Got Talent, where have you been?  An animation when you riffle through a pack of cards reveals the spectator’s chosen one – whimsical and easy to do.  £14.50

chris wiehl arthur magic trick of the monthOn the subject of whimsy, Arthur is a new release (out today!) which has a lovely plot around the legend of King Arthur which makes a really memorable effect where the spectator’s card ends up stuck in a solid deck of cards like the famous sword in the stone.  £28.79

p ink trick of the monthIf you want to create special effects like magic up close and personal you’ve got to take a look at P’Ink by Ran Pink.  Watch the trailer for some ideas to whet your whistle for some of the possibilities here – as ink moves and changes at your command.  Some amazing mentalism applications too.  We hope to review this properly soon – but if it is half as good as the trailers it is well worth a look.  £22.99

imprint magic trick of the monthFrom one incredible trailer to another.  Imprint from Sans Minds magic looks equally amazing – again almost like camera tricks.  Objects visually imprint themselves on bank notes.  If you can get past the annoying person introducing it, you’ve got to watch the trailer!  £25.49 (may be on backorder still since it sold out  pretty quickly first time!)

What new and visual magic tricks have you been enjoying recently and why?  Comment below or on our Facebook page.

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