Standard Tuck Case - Silver

Standard Tuck Case – Silver

Version 2s of successful decks can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. Will they tinker with the good things to make them better or end up spoiling them? We loved the original Luxx Deck so we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the Luxx v2 and put them through their paces. Here’s our review…

The first thing you notice is the restraint. The original Luxx deck came in a striking blue or orange, but the new edition is darker with a shadow theme. The tuck case is of the same heavy cardboard as the original and we continue to feel this adds class to the deck. The design appears unchanged – just the colouring has been altered. Instead of a glossy silver interior there is a glossy black finish.

luxx v2 deck review - v1 and v2 side by side

V1 next to V2

luxx v2 deck review - tuck case back

On the ‘standard’ deck there is no seal on the case – but there are also limited edition decks with a long holographic seal. These were only available during the pre-order period (as a thank you to early customers) and look very smart. If you want to get one now, the only way is as part of a brick and while stocks last, or by entering our competition…!

We continue to love the intricate and elegant back design – which looks good individually and in fans. There are two colour ways –in gold and silver metallic inks – again adding to the feeling of class.
luxx v2 deck review - aces
Our favourite face cards are the Aces with gorgeous and substantial pips. They have changed the colouring of the suits – instead of having four different tints they have stuck to two in metallic red and gold. Although I like the colour of the original Luxx Deck I think this is an improvement – if a ‘safe’ choice.luxx v2 deck review - open tuck case and jokers

As in version one, I would have liked (from a magic point of view) to have seen 2 jokers – rather than one joker and a poker score card – but since I imagine the poker market is larger than the magic one I can see why this might make commercial sense. You’ll just have to buy several decks if you want to do any sandwich effects using jokers!

luxx v2 deck review - fanThe glossy card stock handles nicely. I think the cards are fractionally more suited to poker games than conjuring – but I suspect that is mainly because all the card handling I’ve done in recent years has been on USPCC stock. With a little practise I think there would be no problem.

luxx v2 deck review - gold and silver tuck caseAll in all we think this is a great deck. They’ve kept to a winning formula and made only minor tweaks for V2. And they’ve managed to get the price down a little (£7.99/deck or less) which is always a bonus. Available direct from JP Playing Cards – who also have various bundle deals and Luxx branded accessories.

Review copy kindly supplied by JP Playing Cards.

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