mickael chatelain print card reviewThis is the first Mickael Chatelain effect we have reviewed here at bicycle-cards.co.uk – and as a lover of packet tricks I was looking forward to the opportunity to review print card. The effect involves the printing of four blank faced cards, one at a time, to match the face of a card chosen by the spectator.

From the description you would have thought that this was a very clean effect – but for me the routine is a bit cumbersome/laboured. But let’s get down to some specifics.

You are supplied with 4 cards (on Bicycle stock) one of which is cleverly gimmicked to eliminate most of the sleight of hand from the routine. The gimmicked card is very nicely made (and what a joy – it comes ready made so you don’t have to assemble it yourself!) – though not ‘new’ – in fact I believe Mickael has put an almost identical gimmick out in some of his earlier routines.


I was rather unimpressed by the supplied teaching DVD. It is easy to navigate with a simple menu. But the explanations themselves were to my mind very unclear. Sure, if you’ve been around in magic any time, I think you will be able to follow what is going on. But I do think that someone just starting out (and presumably – since this is being marketed as ‘doable by everyone’ – this is a significant target market) they would find the explanation unclear. He rushes through, repeating some steps – which ought to be helpful – but there isn’t enough clarity about which cards are where at any given point. The force used is barely explained – and again, whilst an intermediate level magician would have no problems with this, it would be another challenge for the beginner.

There are a couple of positives to the DVD. I really like the fact that it is shot from the performer’s angle – this seems to be rarely used in magic teaching DVDs – and to my mind at least, makes it much easier to follow. He also has rather idiomatic English – and sometimes amusing pronunciation…

The Verdict

This is a hard one. I do like the gimmick and think that it enables some very visual phases to the routine. But I think that if I were to use this myself I would feel I had to re-routine this to make it a little clearer. I think the quality of the teaching is poor – it won’t affect anyone with an intermediate level of magical understanding – but I would struggle to recommend this to a beginner.

So if you like the plot, this may be worth a punt. From a magical point of view it is ‘clean’ and it takes up little space. And you can logically bring in the blank cards to perform the effect.
Available from Merchant of Magic – £25.44 at time of writing.

Review copy kindly provided by Murphys Magic to whom dealer enquiries should be directed.

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