As promised, here’s our monthly round up of some of the latest Bicycle cards available in the UK.

mail chimp theory 11 charity playing cardsThe first one is a little unusual – in that it is a pack raising money for charity. Mail Chimp have partnered with Theory 11 to produce these attractive cards – with simian elements creeping in all over the place – to raise money for a charity helping child survivors of war in Atlanta. We think it’s a great cause and really like the smart back design (in red and black editions) and the fun monkey elements. Why not splash out? £9.99

Theory 11 are also behind the beautiful Medallion Signature Playing Cards. An already elegant design has been improved by some beautiful embossing on the tuck case.

In contrast to some of the rather more elaborate back designs, the Whispering Imps have a minimal approach featuring a ‘WI’ logo on anotherwise plain back. These seem to have been designed with game players in mind slightly more than magicians, and have an interesting approach to the indices.

latest bicycle cards - chameleons playing cardsThe Chameleons Playing Cards on the other hand have clearly been produced with magicians in mind (also available in Red and in Blue). They come in Mnemonica order (I’m always surprised that more card manufacturers don’t do this) which means you can perform some great effects from a new and sealed deck (if you’re familiar with the Mnemonica stack, that is!).

The Expert Card Co who print these have used top quality stock which should mean they handle beautifully for faros and more advanced card manipulation. Currently waiting on more stock but well worth a look.

new bicycle cards - no 17 playing cardsThe first thing that struck be about the gorgeous Number 17 Playing cards was the effect of their elegant back design in a fan. And the more you look the more interesting they become. The classics geek in me loves that there is Latin text around the (extraordinary) court cards. They come in Bicycle branded and unbranded versions and I think they are absolutely fabulous! Check them out!

That’s all from us for now. Let us know which of the latest Bicycle Cards available is your favourite and why – perhaps there are some we’ve not yet seen. Let us know!

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