September’s already a hazy memory, like the summer, and what you need is some new magic to chase away those autumn blues. So here are our suggestions. And I’m quite excited about some of these…

andy nyman insaneAll new releases by Andy Nyman are worth looking at, and for someone who is also rather fond of the old ACAAN plot Insane is irresistible! We haven’t even looked at it ourselves yet, but if it is anywhere near as clean as the ad copy you are going to be in for a treat. And Nyman’s thinking is always soooo subtle. Well worth a pop. £19.99 (even Dynamo recommends it!)

spectrum deck uncut sheetHow about brightening things up? The new Spectrum 52 deck takes the idea of the original spectrum deck but comes in with a new minimalist back design (instead of the Bicycle rider back). This will be a very pretty deck in use and comes on premium Bee stock. Looks great. £13.99

robert-neale-an-essay-on-magicRegular readers will know I’m a big Robert Neale fan – he’s a great thinker on the theory and performance of magic. An Essay on Magic is the third (and I believe final) in his recent series of books – it contains almost 40 routines and you’re guaranteed some really wise magical thinking. He could do with someone to help him come up with more attractive covers – but you know what they say – don’t judge a book by it… £24.99

I’d highly commend the new Cube3 release – which we’re going to post a full review of in the next few days – but if you like magic with a Rubik’s cube, then check it out!
Kete Moon Deck
And if you can’t wait until the middle of the month for our round of the latest Bicycle Cards, here’s one more deck to keep you going…

The Kete Moon deck has really caught our eye.  It has an exceedingly bold back design which looks fantastic in fans and spread – would be ideal for all you XCMers and Cardistes out there!  Everything has been re-drawn – I think you’re going to love this!  Only £10.99.

That’s it for now. More new magic reviews on the way and all the latest card and close up magic news – so do follow us on twitter (@magicbikecards) or keep up to date on Facebook so you don’t miss a post.

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