OCL by Ben WilliamsWe’re spoilt for choice this month – which is just as well because the days are getting shorter and we need some magic to cheer us up! There seems to be a bit of a theme to some of these, so let’s dive in with…

The first recommendation this month was easy – not just because it’s inventor Ben Williams is such a nice guy. OCL is a crazy visual linking of two rings made from a playing card. It was released some years ago, but Ellusionist have just re-filmed it and it is available as an instant download. A great effect and an impossible souvenir! Only £12.99

anthony stan the oneI like the look of this – the latest in a whole string of card to impossible location releases recently. The name amuses me – The One 2.0 (say it out loud!) – and the visuals look amazing. Spectator’s signed card to impossible location – gimmicked and impromptu versions are taught. £21.99 [Update – Full review]

paragon 3d jon allenWhilst we’re on the subject of card to impossible location, I think the genius that is Jon Allen has come up with possibly the final word on the card to clear box. You will have noticed a spate of these over the last few years but Paragon 3D really does look the business, and it leaves you clean and examinable. Astonishing. £59.99

Monochrome SurpriseMonochrome Surprise is a new version of an old classic – where the colours on a couple of brass poker chips keep changing. Easy to do and lovely props (including a nice leather carry case). Worth a pop at £24.99.

marvelous multiplying card boxes by matthew wrightWe were privileged to watch Matthew Wright lecture a year or so ago and he is a very clever magician with some great ideas. All his ‘Marvelous’ range of effects are really well produced, and this is (we believe) his first collaboration with Vanishing Magic who also have a good reputation for high quality work – so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with his Marvelous Multiplying Card Boxes. Very visual, easy to do, and lots of ideas on the DVD to incorporate it into your act. £39.50

That’s it for now. We’re away for a couple of days but have got some cracking new reviews coming when we’re back – there’s some brilliant stuff on the way. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter (@magicbikecards) or keep up to date on Facebook so you don’t miss a post.

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