luxx palme tuck cases frontWhilst we do our best to be objective when reviewing playing cards (and let’s face it, it is a very subjective process), I have to say that I am predisposed towards liking the Luxx decks – since so far we haven’t seen a duff one.  And I am pleased to say the Luxx Palme deck is no exception.

Rick Davidson’s design is inspired by a paisley pattern (my wife’s theory is that is why I like it since it reminds me of my old dressing gown) – with no borders – which leads to some spectacular designs when it is spread or fanned.  So I apologise for the number of photos which feature some variation on this theme.
luxx palme tuck case top(BTW a brief apology for some of the pictures not being as sharp as they could be – I was working in lighting which was far too low, but time was against me I’m afraid).

The deck has been printed by Legends Playing Card Co on their ‘Elite Finish’ stock which handles very nicely – as well as, if not better than Bicycle stock.

luxx palme tuck openThe tuck case looks beautiful and features tasteful embossing.  I particularly like the understated printing on the inside which gives a real air of quality to the whole thing.

luxx palme aces darkAll the pips feature a ‘split’ design – hearts, spades and diamonds with a single split, clubs with a kind of double split.  This looks particularly nice on the aces, but it can feel a little ‘busy’ on higher value spot cards – e.g. a ten.

The court cards work well and are strong and bold.  The deck only comes with a single Joker which features a stylised  young lady and continues to pick up the paisley influence.  The second ‘joker’ is actually an advertising card.luxx palme royall flush clubs

I seem to remember that the series of decks was aimed first at Poker players – who will be less bothered by the single joker.  For the magician, having two jokers is often useful.  On the other hand, for anyone into flourishing I cannot think of a more beautiful deck.  Did I mention how nice the spreads are – especially in curves.  Have a look at the mesmerising patterns in some of the following.

luxx palme joker in tuck caseluxx palme double spiral

luxx palme spread 1








So I think the Luxx Palme is another great deck. The cards feel less ‘glossy’ than the earlier decks and if anything handle slightly better. I have a bias for even bolder aces than these, and I’m not completely taken by the split pips design, but I love the play of the back design so much I can forgive these minor details.

Available direct from JP Playing Cards who produced them. They will be releasing some limited edition variations in the new year. £8.99

luxx palme edge spreadAnd if you’d like to get your hands on some of these Palme decks – or some of the earlier Luxx decks which are no longer available to buy, then check out our Christmas Stocking Filler competition – which launches on Black Friday (27th November). We’re giving away over £300 worth of stock – so enter away…luxx palme half fanluxx palme fan

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