shuffled by Jos DenysWe’ve got lots of exciting news and content coming for you this month, but we traditionally start with Trick of the Month.  Vanishing Magic consistently put out strong effects and so I have no hesitation in recommending Shuffled by Jos Denys as our top item this month. Regular readers will know I’m a bit of a sucker for the ACAAN effect – we’ve reviewed many on these pages – but this particular variation on that theme looks beautifully clean and elegant. A deck is shuffled by a spectator and two envelopes are brought into play – one containing a card, the other a number – and that card is found at that number in the shuffled deck. I’ve not yet played with it but it promises to be all but self-working as well.  Looks great. £28.99

bicycle utopia gold deck

While I don’t much care for the tuck box on this one, the Bicycle Utopia Gold deck is a really good looking set of playing cards.

The back design is understated – not the nicest we’ve ever seen but pleasing to the eye.  But it is the court cards and the work on the custom pips that we admire. A nice premium deck.  £8.50   (Also available in black – but we think that is a bit grim!)

john bannon move zeroAnd finally, well this one’s a bit of a sneak preview.  John Bannon is one of the legends of close up and especially card magic and he’s recently released Move Zero – a selection of killer self-working magic. We will be doing a full and in-depth review very shortly – but in case you can’t wait that long – you can pick up Move Zero for £24.99 right now!

Finally a heads up for lovers of good quality magic books (like me!).  For a long time I tried to chase down a copy of the (out of print) One Degree by John Guastaferro.  I did manage to get one and found it a fabulous read – full of great magic and wonderful insights.  Well the good news is that it has now been re-published in softback.  So if you haven’t yet read this wonderful book I highly recommend it.  £23.99

That’s all for now. We’ve got some exciting news, more competitions, reviews and interviews coming your way soon…

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