The Experience is the third review in our LADS 2015 series – this time highlighting the powerful mentalism of Peter Turner.

It is difficult to write a review of this lecture in the conventional way since this is far from a series of “tricks”. Yes, there are a number of effects on the DVD, many of which are extremely powerful, but to coin Peter’s phrase, it is the journey that counts.

peter turner the experience reviewOn the way through the performances and explanations you get an incredible insight into Peter’s own philosophy of performance and magic – what it is and what makes it powerful. It is the kind of DVD which I got to the end of and felt like I needed to watch again – to take more in and to deeply understand some of the truth buried in here.

Most of the effects are ‘propless’ – so you can perform there anywhere anytime within reason. There is a Pin Code divination (so cheeky – and yet powerful) combined with a star sign revelation (this one isn’t really explained – but is fully explained in Isabella Star 2). There’s an ACAAN type effect and a ‘Psychic Lift’ where you appear to be able to control a spectator’s movements without touching them.

But there also lots of shorter effects on the way – and additions to these effects which make them stronger. Although much of the magic is ‘propless’ Turner isn’t afraid of setting things up in advance for a stronger impact – you’ll be amazed at how bold yet effective some of these methods are.

There is a clever utilisation of language and ‘dual reality’ in some of the effects – this is a mentalism master-class. And there’s a brilliant answer to the classic mind-reader’s question – “What am I thinking of right now?” – and I’m not going to spoil it by giving it away here!

The nature of the material makes it very difficult to say what level of skill you need to perform these effects. Much of it is about confidence rather than ‘skill’ per se – but if you are at all interested in mentalism you will know that this is very often the case.

Turner himself is an unassuming and self-deprecating man – a joy to listen to, tangents included. His passion for magic and his sincerity about producing beautiful moments for his spectators is inspiring.

If you don’t know Turner’s work (and he has published quite a bit) you will find some similarity to Luke Jermay (you can read our review of his recent DVD set here) – I even though they look a little similar when you see the photo on the front of The Experience. But they sound very different in performance!

All in all, with my leanings in the direction of mentalism, I really enjoyed this DVD. The experience is well named since the message of the lecture is it is the experience that counts. Well worth a look if you perform any kind of mentalism.

The Experience is available direct from Merchant of Magic for £28.99 (at the time of writing).

Review copy kindly provided by Murphys Magic to whom dealer enquiries should be directed.

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