bicycle chainless deckWe’re going to start with some cards this month, as I’ve just spotted this lovely new release from USPCC. The Bicycle Chainless Playing Cards are based on a design which was discontinued almost 100 years ago. It’s a pleasing design with a bit of history – and if you get them now you’ll be ready for the centenary of their withdrawal next year! £6.50

united cardistes bourgogne deckOn the subject of new decks, there are two lovely French-themed releases.  I, personally, prefer the Bourgogne Deck (pictured), but the Nouveau Playing Cards are also striking and they are apparently the United Cardists official Annual Deck for 2016. So if you’re a collector you better grab one of each! £15.50.

peter eggink sharpee magic

We love magic which happens as part of the main effect – or on the way – and if it is something which can get a laugh at the same time then you are suddenly in the realm of entertainment!  That’s why we love the look of Sharpee from Peter Eggink.  Have a watch of the video to see how effective this looks – when you need your spectator to sign a card you offer a tiny Sharpie marker – but as you remove the cap it turns into a Jumbo one!  Magical, funny, entertaining – have a look at the video.  There are even a few other ideas you can use the pen for as you’ll see.  £31.99

nielsen collection - golden age of magic postersHere’s another unusual suggestion (we do like to broaden your horizons!) which could make a lovely addition to your collection.  It is actually a magic auction catalogue – but is a work of art – featuring photos from the stunning Nielson Collection of magic posters. There is no doubt that this was a golden age of magic and the beautiful pictures in this volume will inspire and charm you.  £38.50

And finally, here’s a suggestion which is entirely rooted in nostalgia. When I was a child I used to wait eagerly for the next installments of the magic magazines I subscribed to – Magigram and Club 71. They were packed full of news and great magic and I would spend hours pouring over their pages.

club-71-volume-3-dvd -cameron francisSadly both magazines have ceased, and the companies who published them no longer exist. However, all the content is now available in digital format. There’s a world to explore, but I’m just going to point you to one compilation DVD I spotted – which is of particular interest to me since it has my first published magic effect in it. To be fair, it’s not an amazing trick (I was only a young teenager!), but for these five minutes let me enjoy nestling alongside such greats as Max Maven, Angelo Carbone, Justin Higham and Simon Lovell – it is almost certainly the only time I will! Only £9.50.

That’s all for now. We’ve got some great new magic tricks up for review this month – watch this space…

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