The original Screen Test was one of the stand out releases of 2015 (as you can see in our glowing review here). As its name suggests, the Pocket Edition is a re-release of the effect but in a smaller size – so this will be a mini review since the strengths and weaknesses are mainly as per the original.

The original Screen Test used postcard-sized cards and featured online instructions. The Pocket Edition comes with cards which are more like ‘collectors’ cards’ approximately 6.5cm by 9cm – they’ve been designed to look just like the real deal and they fit easily in your pocket.  I think the original release was quite small enough to work as a close up effect (and big enough to play in larger venues too), but there’s no doubt that these will take up less of that valuable pocket space!

Steve Dimmer - Sceen Test Pocket Edition - reviewThe teaching is actually exactly the same, but it has been put on a DVD which has certain advantages. The DVD version has an extra section which covers the ‘action pack’ release – an updated set of cards with action movies instead of ‘classic films.’ There are also a few extra ideas for ways of presenting the effect.

As Nardi suggests – you could actually add the Original set and the Action Pack set all together to make an even more fooling effect with twice as many choices. With the more or less playing card size of the pocket edition, you could even utilise a few card handling skills to enable other variations on the handling or even on the effect.

Alakazam, as with many of their releases, provide extra ideas, routines and tips etc. via their website. The DVD includes a code which enables you to access all that material for free (though you will need to set up an account with them to do that).

There’s not much more to say. I still think the combination of film and mind-reading is engaging, the original postcard size and this ‘collector card’ size are both convincing – that is, they don’t really feel like special props, but actually real things. The method is really subtle – and easy to do – allowing lots of room for you to focus on your job – which is entertaining.

Screen Test Pocket Edition is highly recommended and available direct from Merchant of Magic for £26.50 (at the time of writing).
(Or the Action Pack Edition is here for the same price)

Review copy kindly provided by Murphys Magic to whom dealer enquiries should be directed.

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