We wanted to get your creative juices going this month and so we’ve chosen a number of new or recent releases to help inspire creativity in you.

Paul Harris Presents the PHP Creators KitFirst up, is the Paul Harris Presents Creators Kit. This really is what it says on the tin! It contains an assortment of materials – conveniently gathered in one place – which you can use to play with and come up with ideas and techniques of your own. It doesn’t come with any tricks or instructions (though as I look at the contents I can see the elements of any number of tricks we have reviewed in recent years there!). We often say something is ‘limited only by your own imagination’ – and this one literally is! You may also find some useful refills for existing items you already own. £18.50

jack parker 52 memories restrospective editionFor inspiring creativity, I find there is little to match reading a good magic book. Jack Parker’s 52 Memories is just such a book. It has been out of print for a while but has just gone into a second printing (they’re calling it the ‘Retrospective Edition’) which is now available. It is packed with brilliant material which you will enjoy learning and performing – but which might also inspire you to come up with some cracking card magic of your own. One of the best magic books I’ve read in recent years and highly recommended. £38.50

fate chip playing cardsSometimes a new deck of cards will stimulate some new ideas.  We regularly try to highlight the latest Bicycle cards, but here’s one we’ve not yet featured. The Fate Chip Playing Cards have been inspired (as their name suggests) by the humble poker chip. The striped back design is a little brash – and reminiscent (if you’re English) of sea-side wind breakers! But don’t let that put you off – that same attribute would work well in flourishes and shuffles and fans. £13.99.

elite card clipsOur last suggestion isn’t designed to inspire creativity at all – it is just to make you feel good! The humble card guard has come of age in the form of these Elite Card Clips. The clips are made of brass and then coated with a choice of Antique Copper, Black Chrome, Fine 24K Gold or 925 Sterling Silver. Well, it would be rude not to wouldn’t it? £27.99 each.

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