In GPS Pack Nav, Oliver Meech has taken a really novel approach to the signed card to impossible location effect and added a contemporary plot device. Drive on to find out more.

The effect

The effect can be simply described. The spectator chooses and signs a card which is lost in the pack. The performer then introduces a ‘GPS Pack Nav’ – a small packet of printed cards with ‘Sat Nav’ style instructions on them. As the spectator reads through the cards, the performer follows the instructions, revealing some humorous surprises on the way, but the final card turns out not to be the chosen one. Has everything gone wrong? No – when the final instruction card (which the spectator is holding) is turned over, it turns out to be their very signed selection.

What do you get?

oliver-meech-gps-pack-nav-reviewA set of nicely printed ‘GPS Instruction Cards’ and 20 ‘revelation’ cards. All the cards are printed on good quality Bicycle type stock and the ‘Instruction’ cards have a pleasing chequered flag type back design. You also receive an instructional DVD which runs to just under 23 minutes. This clearly explains all the necessary set up, method, reset and a few other ideas.

Teaching is at a good pace and easy to follow – though more or less assumes a few basic card moves (DL, riffle force, holding a break). This won’t be a problem for most readers of this site, but if you are a complete beginner you may need a little extra help. (We would recommend the excellent BBM Essential Card Magic Toolbox) This may have been a deliberate choice since Oliver is left-handed and so his teaching would be ‘the wrong way round’ for the majority!

What do we think?

Magic tricks are always funny things to review. In terms of method and moves etc. there is nothing new here – if you’ve been round the block as long as I have then you’ll be able to understand the method simply by watching the performance. But you’re not really paying for that – you’re playing for the clever presentational angle and the specially printed cards.

And we really like the presentational hook. The climax is very strong as the signed card turns up in the spectator’s own hands – in spite of having been buried in the deck. The routine is well constructed with good time-misdirection and all the ‘dirty work’ is done so far ahead that you are left very clean. The presentation involves the spectator really well making for an engaging effect.

Obstruction ahead?

Although Oliver explains the reset and thinks that it could be done in a walkaround setting between tables, I’m not so sure. I think it might be a one-hit effect in some ways. Similarly you really need to start with it. He does explain a couple of ways to get in to it ‘mid-set’ – and the one involving a ‘case’ for the GPS Pack Nav is quite good – but I think in reality this is an opening effect.

If you give away the revelation card (and I think you should for the strongest impact) – then you’ll need to buy replacement cards eventually. You are given a decent supply to start you off, but if you’re performing regularly you will certainly need refills. You can get round this issue by using stickers on the cards – but I think that is rarely preferable.

You have reached your destination

There’s a lot we like about this release – and the routine will definitely engage your audience and take them to an unexpected destination! Well worth a look.

GPS Pack Nav is available from Merchant of Magic for £36.50 (at the time of writing).

Review copy kindly provided by Murphys Magic to whom dealer enquiries should be directed.

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