Chris Philpott is some kind of genius. He has done something I would never have predicted – namely bringing a new twist to the classic cut and restored rope trick. There have been all sorts of variations on the cut and restored rope – and I, like many, think that it is hard to beat rope magic for visual appeal. So what’s The End of my Rope trick all about, and is it any good?

The effect

This is really simple to describe. You coil a long rope in your hands, invite a spectator to cut right through all the loops and then instantly throw the rope out again and it is restored! It really is that clean.

What do you get?

You receive a DVD with around 100 minutes of teaching on it. You can also sign up via email to receive a ropes through the neck variation, and additional presentation ideas.

chris philpott end of my rope trick reviewThe teaching is clear – for me, if anything, there is a bit too much of it. I believe Chris Philpott is a screenwriter for his day-job – and this somehow shows in the way the DVD has been put together. I enjoy his style which is engaging, but it does seem to go on just a little too long since the basic method is very straightforward.

Variations on a theme

Chris teaches several variations on the basic effect – mainly involving different materials – for example rope, string, paper streamers, a pearl necklace (!) etc.

Leeman Parker – a magician I haven’t heard of in the UK but I suspect is better known in the US – then teaches his own developments on the routine. These are really nice. They require a much more involved setup – but that enables an even cleaner routine. If you’re prepared to go to the trouble of making it up, you really will have an astonishing piece of visual magic. Parker’s teaching is even clearer and easier to follow than that of Chris. Their interaction is also fun.

He also explores some other variations including a completely impromptu version and a ‘slow motion’ version.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Chris then explores applying something of the methodology to the Ring on String effect. This is more of an exploration of ideas than a routine, but he demonstrates 3 handling variations which you could include in an existing Ring on String routine.

The final word?

There is something very clean looking about this effect and somehow cutting through multiple strands seems to make the effect exponentially more powerful than a single rope, and the throwing out restoration adds drama. The method is simplicity itself – so don’t buy this if you’re only interested in exciting new principles – but if you want a solid effect which is pretty easy to do, this is definitely worth a look.

The end of my rope trick is available at Merchant of Magic for £34.99 (at the time of writing).

For a treat, I found this clip of ‘David and Leeman’ presenting their version of The End of My Rope trick on Penn and Teller. It didn’t fool them, but it is great fun!

Review copy kindly provided by Murphys Magic to whom dealer enquiries should be directed.

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