New Year’s always a great time to stock up on some new magic, some new decks, and maybe even some books to inspire you – so we’ve got something for everyone in our suggestions as we enter 2017…

ox bender - menny lindenfeldFirst up is Ox Bender. We haven’t yet been able to get our hands (well, I suppose technically hand!) on this – but Ox Bender sounds to deal with one of those central issues with a coin bending routine – that historically have pretty much all needed two hands to do the ‘magic’.

As we’ve written elsewhere there is little more powerful in close up magic than making a spectator’s coin bend in their hand – and it also leaves you with an amazing souvenir of the magic. Well worth a look when it ships in a few days. £97.72

We haven’t focused on many new decks for a while, so allow us to indulge our love of a new deck of cards with several recent releases.

dan and dave makers playing cardsThe Makers Playing Cards by Dan and Dave are exactly the kind of deck I love. They ooze luxury and I love the custom court cards and bold pips, gorgeous detail on the back design and impressive tuck case. £14.99

Lost wax playing cardsI think the Lost Wax Playing Cards are appealing at the moment mainly because I’m so cold! As I write the fan heater is trying desperately to keep my body temperature above zero but the Lost Wax cards bring associations of Africa and warmth in their beautiful orange and gold colour scheme. Ideal for collectors and art enthusiasts alike. £14.99

Magic Notebook Deck - Dai Vernon - BocopoThe Magic Notebook Deck is ideal for magic nuts like me and collectors alike (since each colour is a limited run of only 1200). It is a very minimalist solid colour back design and the tuck case contains a quote from Dai Vernon – in whose honour the cards have been produced. The bold-coloured solid Ace of Spades brings interest. £7.99

kozmo - the jar - garrett thomasWe love mentalism here at so we’re always on the look out for new utility devices which can be incorporated into our performances.The Jar is just such a device – but doesn’t just have applications in mentalism – it would make a fantastic card to impossible location effect – and just looks so innocent. Lots of possibilities here I think. £48.99 (PS this link is for the US version – though I suspect that is only related to a ‘special’ coin included – which could easily be replaced with a UK coin if you wanted it for that particular application – we’ll update the link as and when a UK version is here).

grips lines and looks - marc oberonAnd finally, here’s a book which will make you think. We love good magic books – and over Christmas increased our own personal collection by three weighty tomes. In Grips Lines and Looks Marc Oberon has written a book which will help you think about the way you perform your magic and how you can make it more powerful. Who wouldn’t want to do that. It also includes a DVD. £40.99

We hope this gets you off to a good start to 2017. Do keep checking in to read all the latest magic reviews. Happy New Year!

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