I hope we’ve got something for everyone this month. Two top class books – perfect if you’re thinking about some summer holiday magic reading matter. Some top class visual magic, new cards and some high quality accessories. What are you waiting for?

complete walton volume 3If you are a fan of top quality card magic then you should be VERY excited that The Complete Walton Volume 3 is now available! Roy Walton is an absolute legend in card magic and volumes one and two of this series are essential reading for any card magician. There are 96 effects in this new volume (55p each!) some previously unpublished – so even without reading it this would get my highest recommendation. £52.99

And if one book isn’t enough, then check out Less is More which I venture to suggest is likely to be another modern classic full of Ben Earl’s wisdom and strong effects. £38.99

expansion magic by daniel bryan and dave loosleyMagic videos don’t often make me stop and stare, but if Expansion is even half as good as its video demo then it is a phenomenal effect! In effect you stretch a small whole into a long slot and then return it in an instant – and the signed card can then be handed out as a momento. Eye-popping visual magic. £27.99 (also available in blue)

triple c by christian engblomAlthough I haven’t seen this, when Juan Tamariz recommends something I sit up and take note. Triple C is a method of controlling a card or several cards which will enable you to perform a whole host of powerful magic. £27.99 (also available in red – strangely for 51 pence more!)

bicycle neoclassic playing cards by collectable playing cardsLots more new playing cards out – and sorry not to get round to the round up last month – I was too busy celebrating my birthday! But the Neoclassic Playing Cards have caught my eye this month. Follow the link for more pictures, but a classy blend of old and new with a pleasing back design and some very striking court cards. £9.99

And finally, let’s not forget those humble accessories which sometimes make our magic easier and always make it more of a pleasure. The humble close up matt doesn’t get much attention, but this new range from JM Authentics look rather fine and come highly recommended. Check them out!

I’m pleased to say that I have now acquired to of the books I mentioned in last month’s trick of the month – so more detailed reviews will be following soon. For now, have a great month!

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