Bicycle-Cards.co.uk was started in 2005 to provide up to date information about Bicycle Cards and close up magic in the UK.  (If you’re new to magic, Bicycle Cards are generally the magician’s choice for performing magic and flourishing.)

Since then the site has grown and diversified with a number of regular monthly features (including our popular monthly magic recommendations in our Trick of the Month feature) and in particular with a commitment to high quality and honest reviews of new cards and magic tricks and dvds.

In May 2016 we formalised a close partnership with the Merchant of Magic – a leading UK magic shop.  Their support enables us to focus on the same quality content provision (it is a condition of our agreement that we maintain complete editorial independence – in other words I’ll continue to tell it as I see it!), whilst benefiting from some of their excellent resources.  So you will be able to receive some wonderful free magic ebooks, and we will be running regular bi-monthly competitions to give you the chance to win great cards and tricks.

Bicycle-Cards.co.uk is run by Philip Sweeting, an award-winning semi-professional close-up magician operating in the South East of England.  I am also a Christian, and maintain theVirtualWord site – which comments on Christian issues in the news and provides links to useful sites and resources.

Please note, Bicycle® Cards are produced by the USPCC. We have no official link with USPCC but are simply fans of these great cards for magic.

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