Free magic ebooks

As a result of our collaboration with we are pleased to be able to make a range of really helpful free magic ebooks available to our readers. We hope they will help you to improve your magic and enjoy it even more.


Approaching Magic Practice – ever wondered how to go about practicing your magic effectively? Stuck in a bit of a rut and not getting any better?  This free ebook by professional magician Dominic Reyes will help you get better results faster.



Magic Hacks – there are some things in life you can only really learn by doing – but Ben Williams gives you a head start by sharing 10 of his top hacks which can save you time – and maybe save you face!



Mistakes in magic – we’ve all been there – the trick goes wrong – but where do you go next? Do you freeze? Do you laugh it off? Ben Williams has some brilliant advice to make you more confident in the face of the inevitable – you might even be able to turn them to your advantage.



Approaching Tables – as a magician who mainly performs at formal dinners and the like – knowing how to approach a table to perform is essential. This books is full of great advice from experienced magician Dominic Reyes who will help you get better reactions and approach with more confidence.


Understanding Misdirection  – misdirection (directing the audience’s attention where you want it to go) is a vital skill for all magicians, yet we rarely think carefully about this technique. This free ebook will give you plenty of helpful material to take your magic to the next level.


The_Anniversary_Waltz_free-magic-tricksAnniversary Waltz – our final free gift is a free video tuition on  this absolute classic of close up card magic – the Anniversary Waltz. A must-learn if you ever perform at weddings. Powerful magic which is fairly easy to do.


We hope to add to our range of free magic ebooks as time permits – so keep checking back for more great magic tips and advice.

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