I was at a wedding recently where a magician was performing at the tables during the evening. (It’s always hard to know how to react in that situation when you know exactly how he does all his magic, isn’t it?) Anyway, I was chatting to my neighbour afterwards about magic, and she talked about seeing a magician at another function recently and being most amazed by the way he made her card appear in his shoe.

This kind of information is really useful – what sticks in the mind of a non-magician? As a magician it is easy to think we know what appeals to non-magicians, but there is no substitute for actually finding out from the real thing, as it were. So make sure you keep talking to non-magicians – ideally about what they remember from other people’s performances, since they will most likely be kind about yours!

PS the trick she described sounded a bit like ‘Shoet’ which can be purchased HERE.
PPS let me know if you have heard of other tricks which have gone down particularly well with non-magicians.

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