I’ve been inundated with adverts and deals recently, but this has been my first opportunity to post any of them. So here goes…

The boys at BBM have recently launched Gafftastic which promises to be “a collection of mind frying, easy card magic using special Gaff cards. All of the required gaff cards come free with the DVD. That’s 13 cool gaffs printed by the USPCC!” I’ve not seen it yet, but BBM rarely disappoint. (£17.99) Oh yes, and they’ve got some more Karnival Decks in stock.

Peter Duffie has released a couple of previously marketed effects (Pronto-Print & Vortex) as e-tricks. If you buy both you get a discount and a free trick! See PeterDuffie.com

Paul Gordon is offering some new tricks and books for 2009 including a re-vamp of the classic ‘Insurance Policy.’ I have been enjoying watching his ‘Live in Action’ DVD recently – well worth a look.

And regular readers will know I am a fan of Roberto Giobbi. He has released a follow up to Card College Light called… Card College Lighter. Definitely worth a look. The cheapest I’ve found it is at Studio9Magic for £21.99.

That will do for now. Happy Bicycle Card Bargain Hunting!

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