More recommendations from – this month a David Solomon selection!

Printing on Demand - David SolomonDavid Solomon is one of the great card men of our time. In this entertaining routine 4 blank-backed jokers gain colourful banks and then their faces vanish and reappear on a blank faced card. A fantastic little packet trick for only £9.99

Knaves gone wild with DVD

A stunning visual assembly trick with specially printed Bicycle cards meaning minimal sleight of hand. The DVD also includes a bonus routine with a borrowed deck. And it is currently reduced by 25% to only £8.99

Wisdom Of  Solomon - by David Solomon and Jeff Siegfried - Book
The Wisdom of Solomon is a great way to get into the excellent card magic of David Solomon. Over 50 effects with over 200 illustrations – that’s a lot of great magic for only £26.99

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