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Professional Opportunist Vol. 2 by James Brown and RSVP- DVD We recently had the privilege of seeing James Brown lecture at our local Magic Club. The man is a genius and you should buy everything he sells! Seriously, here is someone who thinks deeply about his magic with fantastic results. Even if you hate the tricks (which you wont) you will learn loads from this DVD. Unfortunately Vol 1 is out of stock at the moment. Vol 2 is £26.95

Bicycle Mandolin 809 Deck

I finally got my hands on one of the new USPCC 809 Mandolin decks and first impressions are very good. I will do a more in depth review as time permits, but these handle well and I prefer the back design to the original. £2.50 a deck at Merchant of Magic or £2.60 at MA Pro.

Wayne Dobson Split Personality

I remember the first time I saw Wayne dem this at a convention. Like most of Wayne’s material it is easy to do and entertaining. The trick looks to have gone wrong, but there is a comedy resolution. £15.00

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