Last month (or last year if you prefer!) we looked at a trio of packet tricks from Mike Danata’s exclusive range. We finish our brief survey with a couple more…

New Three Card Trick £10.00
I believe this is Mike’s handling of a Wayne Dobson idea – so a strong heritage you will agree! The routine is in some ways the classic three card monte – though with an extra phase where a card keeps moving around the packet (as I type this, I realise that sounds a bit like a description of the normal monte effect! I can’t think how to put this better – watch the video!) and with a finish where the ‘odd’ card has completely vanished.

My comments from last time re. DVD only instructions apply here. However, a strong point of this particular DVD is that the explanation section is filmed from the performer’s view – which I find much easier to follow than the opposite. All the necessary cards are supplied on Bicycle stock.

I have slightly mixed feelings on this one. It is dead easy to do – and will appeal to someone looking for a no-sleight version of this classic effect. For me, the first phase of the routine feels a little clunky – and that is largely determined by the method. I’m also unsure of the rationale for the middle ‘moving card’ phase. And without trying this on lots of lay-people, I can’t decide whether an ‘all the same card’ finish strengthens or weakens the effect.

Why don’t you watch Mike’s performance and make up your own mind:

Countersign – Wayne Dobson £10

This, I think, is my favourite effect of both batches we have looked at. It is an amusing routine where a card containing the magician’s signature repeatledly swaps places with a card which says ‘Your Signature’. It is a well constructed routine which builds to a logical conclusion – and the patter about ‘my signature’ and ‘your signature’ appeals to my love of puns.

The instructions say ‘no sleight of hand’ which is almost true – though the only ‘move’ required is very straightforward and well taught. It is supplied with detailed printed instructions (Yay!) and also DVD instructions – like the previous trick with performer’s view explanations.

I like this a lot. It is a novel and entertaining routine and easy to do. The only thing I would change would be to pre-print the ‘Your signature’ cards – rather than having handwritten cards. But that would no doubt increase the price, which is a bargain at £10.

Both available exclusively from

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