Gambit is the first of a trilogy of new card magic effects just released by MagicTao. The effect is an extremely clean prediction of a chosen card. Essentially 5 random cards are dealt on the table, the spectator places a poker chip on one of them (no force) and when the chip is turned over it has a sticker on it with the name of the selected card.

Gambit - by Dee ChristopherThis is a great little effect. Whilst not quite self-working, the handling is not complicated. The use of some gaffed cards (all supplied in Bicycle stock) makes the moves easier – and so only elementary card-handling skills are requred.

The instructional DVD is very clear and covers all elements of setup and handling very clearly. The necessary moves are clearly explained and it also covers a number of perfomance subtleties too.

The DVD gets small minus points because the ‘reset’ isn’t explained though it is mentioned. It should be fairly obvious, but a few words on that would have been helpful. Also, there is an ‘advanced handling’ – which offers the possibility of an extra kicker – but this is not linked to directly from the DVD menu – you have to go to ‘play all’ and wait to the end. But these are small niggles.

We like the concept and routining – misdirection is strong and largely built in. The effect is simple for the spectator to understand and appears very free. The only real downside for us is that you need a table to perform it – so it is not ideal for all performance conditions.

All the necessary props and gimmicks are supplied (you can choose red or blue backed bicycle cards) – though you will have to supply a matching ordinary deck.

So if you like card magic with a mental twist (and we do!) then it is well worth a look at Gambit.

It’s only £10.99 from MagicTao – and if you pre-order it you can get double reward points.

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