When I was a kid I used to wait expectantly for packages to be delivered from the magic shop. As an adult, even with my passion for magic, it is rare to feel like that. But I have to confess that I couldn’t wait to rip open the packaging when Industrial Revelation – Jamie D Grant’s wonderful effect arrived all the way from Canada.

Industrial Revelation ContentsFrom the moment you open the package the trick screams ‘class’. It comes in an elegant presentation box, sealed with a real coin – in our case an ‘old’ five pence piece. Open up the box, and you are presented with a Bicycle Card box and a small black envelope sealed with a stylish clip. Although these things are irrelevant to the trick itself, they are signs of the great care that has gone into the production of this effect – in our experience a relatively rare feature in modern magic marketing.

The instructions are a simple A4 sheet with 8 stylish illustrations and clear text underneath. In addition to explaining the mechanics of the effect, there are some tips on keeping it working well, and each one appears to be individually signed and approved by Jamie. He also supplies extra thoughts and tips by email to any purchasers.

Industrial Revelation - the revealJamie is clearly someone who loves his art (back in 2009 we raved about his wonderful Bicycle Cards in a glass bottle – which are still available) and he has taken great care to produce a wonderful product. It is based on the old (though still great) matchbox penetration – but is bigger and better and made of steel not brass.

What do we think?

For a non-smoker, using a card case rather than a matchbox makes much more sense for me. And it makes the whole thing more visual – you could use it at a table and folk across the table would be able to appreciate the effect.

It is beautifully made, and is certainly going to withstand reasonable inspection. The mechanism is already good – and I suspect will improve with use.

We struggled to use it with a coin, which feels a little wide for the working. But we like the idea (and it seems kind of logical) that we saw on the World Magic Shop review of this trick – using a folded playing card to push through the box.

Minor quibbles for the walkaround context which is my domain:

  • It will be very heavy in your pocket! You may need to attach it to a belt or something rather than trashing your pockets!
  • Re-set will take a moment or two. This may become easier over time, but you certainly want to be doing the re-set in a bit of privacy. So you might save this one for special occasions.
  • But all in all it is a lovely effect. If you switched in the box you could use it as a SPECTACULAR finale to any card routine. It comes highly recommended and is available direct from Jamie at http://www.sendwonder.com/ for $125 + shipping.

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