Food for Thought - Wayne DobsonAlthough this site focuses primarily on card magic, we like to branch out in our review section and range further afield.

This neat new effect from Wayne Dobson does utilise cards – but not playing cards. Instead you are supplied with 16 good-quality plastic cards which feature a food item on one side and a shopping receipt on the back. It is essentially a ‘mind reading’ effect where you can reveal the item the spectator freely chooses, though there is a bonus idea included to add an extra kicker ‘prediction’.

As ever, with Wayne Dobson material, the method is extremely easy in execution allowing you to concentrate on the presentation. It is virtually self-working. The shopping theme should allow a range of different presentations depending on your personality – and is something which most people can identify with easily.

I can see myself using this regularly and the cards look like they will withstand a decent amount of wear. The DVD is very clear and explains everything thoroughly. If I had one small criticism, the screen printing on the cards looks slightly blurry on the glossy (picture) side, but I really don’t think this would be an issue in real performance.

If you pushed me, I think I would like to see the price of this dropped slightly, but this is a worker and I would recommend it.

Available direct from MagicTao for £25

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