Jubilee Playing CardsCongratulations Your Majesty! Here is a picture of some Diamond Jubilee Playing Cards. And here are an assortment of magical offers and deals. We will update as we are aware of others….

Alakazam – 15% discount – code ‘jubilee’- ends 9am Wed 6th June.

Dude That’s Cool – free copy of ‘Million Dollar Monte’ (including Bicycle Cards) orders over £15

MagicShop.co.uk – wishlist competition – not strictly a Jubilee competition but just launched – each week they are offering one customer an item on their wishlist for free!

MagicTricks.co.uk – special sale list (including Bicycle Outlaw Cards for only £3.50)

MA Pro Magic have a complicated deal with different offers for different codes. ‘red’ gives a tiered discount up to 17%; ‘white’ saves you £5 for every £50 you spend; ‘blue’ Buy 3 special offer items and get an extra 25% off the cheapest (via email). While you’re there, check out the Spectrum deck while you’re there. All offers here end Tues 5th June.

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