RE-MAXED ICEOLATION - By Kieron JohnsonTo celebrate the end of summer we thought we’d suggest some really ‘cool’ tricks for our ‘trick of the month’!

Remaxed Iceolation is a really stunning ending to any ambitious card type routine. Imagine finding the specatotr’s signed card frozen inside a block of ice. That would be really ‘cool’! An astonishing climax. An investment required but a reputation maker. £99.99

Bicycle Nautic DeckYou don’t see that many green-backed decks – but here’s a really unusual new deck of Bicycle Cards. The Nautic Deck has a very striking design – based on a hand-drawn original from 1919. £4.99

paul harris envylopePaul Harris has an enviable reputation in the world of astonishing visual magic. The latest release under his brand (actually created by Brandon David and Chris Turchi) is this amazing transformation/transposition effect called Envy Lope.   A deck of cards visually (no cover) changes into an envelope in which is found the chosen signed card.  If this is as good as the video (we haven’t played with it ourselves yet) then this should be brilliant.  £31.99

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