starstruck sean goodman reviewStar Struck makes some big claims in its advertising – the ultimate horoscope effect – the simplest, cleanest, and most direct available on the market. So how does it measure up?

The effect

The effect looks like this – your spectator names their star sign, and you remove a metal token from a small velvet bag which has been in view throughout – the spectator turns it over and it matches their star sign.

There’s lots to like about this effect. Anything involving the spectator’s personal information immediately provides a strong emotional hook. It takes up little space in the pocket, is very easy to do (only basic handling required) and gives you plenty of opportunity to engage with your spectator. Re-set is all but instant and it can be repeated with a different outcome every time.

You are provided with all the necessary props and a nicely produced DVD (though for my money it has somewhat overdramatic music!) The DVD explains the development of the routine (which is always of interest – and also shows that this is an audience tested idea, not just another ‘churn them out’ trick), a couple of variations on the handling and also some ideas for extending the routine or incorporating it into other routines. Sean has an easy manner, explains things clearly and is enthusiastic.

Are there any buts?

Only a couple of small ones. The metal disks are nicely made and their size makes the handling very easy but I wonder if they could have been slightly larger for greater impact at the reveal. Also, the ‘two custom gimmicks’ look as though they will easily deteriorate. For the price, I wonder if something slightly longer lasting could have been provided.

Overall we think this is a very commercial routine. Apart from those questions about the longevity of the props (and let’s face it – if you’re using it a lot it would probably be worth investing in a spare set anyway) we think this has the potential to be a very strong effect.

Available from MoM (With thanks to MagicDirect who kindly supplied the review copy) for £32.

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